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Fresh Eggs

Probiotic Eggs

Probiotic eggs are revolutionizing access to good gut health and building up your immune system.  Our eggs are packed with billions of probiotic bacteria, good for ensuring you maintain your digestive needs while helping fight disease, add focus, combat IBS, and other gut ailments.  

We are thrilled to introduce the world's first patented probiotic eggs to deliver delicious, nutritious, environmentally friendly, and affordable probiotic eggs. 

Solving Global Egg Waste

Upcycling Eggs

Each of our products are create with love and eggs that are too large or too small to fit in a standard egg carton, but are otherwise perfect to consume.


We are the first commercial enterprise to solve this global egg problem, founding our company on eliminating egg waste while upcycling into probiotic eggs. 

Better Health

Developing new food technology.

At Tummi Yummi, we are developing the next best technology for fortifying or improving foods as we learn more about the brain-gut continuum and the power of the microbiome. 


Our food technology starts with eggs as a strong foundation and looks at what nature can improve in the foods we love.  Our fortification of probiotics transforms the egg and all foods the egg is an ingredient or as a standalone food.


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